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Working at Turner

"Turner is just different to all the other places I’ve had chance to work. It feels like home, family. We have an incredible team of people, lovely residents, good relationships and very supportive management."

Registered Nurse

We have a rolling recruitment process and have introduced a refer-a-friend scheme for all existing staff. We always aim to have a good skill mix amongst our teams and capitalise on the varied skills, experience, interests and specialisms of staff. We're keen to develop a team who share knowledge and support with one another, helping us to deliver the best care possible. 

All new staff complete a 6 month probation period, with performance monitoring throughout this time. By the end of probation, all mandatory training modules must be complete and then we reflect on where each person is up to. Training is ongoing throughout employment at Turner, with all staff regularly completing refresher training.

Each staff member has an allocated supervisor, and regular supervision includes a focus on reflection, learning from incidents and identification of learning/development needs. From here additional training gaps (in line with residents’ wants and needs) are identified and written into each individual's development plan. We team up with Aintree Training to provide additional learning opportunities to support our teams to develop a deeper understanding of living with dementia and to improve skills in conflict resolution and de-escalation.

Most importantly, our residents are asked for feedback as to the type of staff they would like to support them and any skills areas they think can be improved. This gives each man the opportunity to be involved in the recruitment process and ongoing growth of our team, placing great emphasis on the right attitude and values and how they are displayed in the day to day job. 

What do we look for in our team members?

  • We're a very friendly organisation and we look for people-people - individuals who really want to get to know the men who live at Turner. 

  • We want people who care deeply about doing a great job for the people they support, wanting to make every day better than the last for our residents

  • We want people who get a sense of satisfaction from making Turner a welcoming and comfortable place to live.

  • We want people who know how important it is that our residents get as much choice as possible in how they are supported and the decisions that affect them. 

  • We want people who can build brilliant relationships with the people in their team, their manager, the people who live at Turner and everyone else they work with.

  • We want people who take pride in their work.

We're very proud of our company culture, we truly live our values and therefore it's really important that people joining our team see how they connect to them. 


When we ask our teams and residents what it means to them to be part of Turner we often get really inspiring responses. As a team we're committed to making Turner a great place to work and we believe this can only be achieved by working in partnership with our teams, listening to what is working but also to what isn't. For this reason we've a range of ways our staff can feedback including surveys, open discussions with management and staff forums. 

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Our Culture

Our Staff Package


Enhanced bank holiday pay rates

Earn up to double time during public holidays including Christmas.


Free parking

Onsite Parking in our private car park


Friend referral scheme

 Get up to £200 for referring your friend to work at Turner Home


Free Uniform

Scrubs or domestic wear included for frontline employees.


Free food and drink

Provided and freshly made by our in-house catering team.


Welcome bonus

We offer a £300 welcome bonus after a successful 6 month probation period.


Overtime bonus

Available to staff going above and beyond on their hours. 



Level 2 as part of every employee package.


Bus discount


Advice and Support services


Vouchers and retail discounts


Career progression and qualifications

Arriva discount passes.

Free Employee Assistance Programme with 24/7 access to confidential counselling legal and financial advice.

A whole package of retail benefits, discounts and rewards schemes

Move forward in your career with our outstanding development offer.

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Why do we work for Turner?

Click below to find out what our team love about the organisation and their day jobs...

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