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Enhancing Resident Experience: Turner Home's Journey of Continuous Improvement

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Over the past 18 months, Turner has embarked on a transformative journey to elevate the quality of service offered to our residents. We have listened attentively to the feedback from our residents, their families and other professionals, and our dedicated teams have worked tirelessly to implement the necessary improvements.

In this blog, we take pride in sharing these new initiatives and the progress we've made towards creating an enriching and safe environment for our residents.

Empowering Voices: Employee, Resident, and Third-Party Engagement Surveys

We understand that the key to progress lies in understanding the needs of those we serve. To achieve this, we conducted comprehensive engagement surveys involving our employees, residents and external stakeholders. The survey results have been instrumental in identifying areas of good practice and areas for improvement, and gathering valuable feedback for future developments.

Fostering Collaboration: Quarterly Staff Meet-ups

Our staff is the backbone of Turner Home, and their opinions matter deeply to us. To foster a culture of collaboration and communication, we introduced quarterly staff roadshow meet-ups. These sessions serve as an avenue to share important updates, exchange ideas, and gather valuable input from our dedicated team members on how we can continually improve.

Strengthening Communication: Regular Memos and Microsoft Teams

Open and transparent communication is vital in ensuring the well-being of our residents and staff members alike. We have taken proactive measures to enhance communication by introducing regular memos and utilizing Microsoft Teams as a platform for seamless information sharing and real-time updates.

Prioritizing Health and Safety

The safety of our residents is our utmost priority. Over the past year, we have made significant improvements to our health and safety processes, particularly in areas such as fire safety. While there is always more to be done, we are proud of the progress we have made thus far in ensuring we maintain good practices.

Improving Care Delivery: Medication Administration and Dietary Requirements

We continuously strive to enhance the quality of care provided to our residents. Learning from incidents and feedback, we have implemented robust systems to ensure precise medication administration. We have also taken measures to introduce additional safeguards supporting us to meet specific dietary requirements, such as introducing color-coded plates for soft and diabetic diets and improving accessibility of essential information for care and kitchen staff.

Empowering Learning: Role-Specific Training and Development

At Turner Home, we believe in investing in the growth and development of our staff members. Through our collaboration with Aintree Training, we offer role-specific learning opportunities, including Positive Behaviour Support Communication, Acquired Brain Injury, and Mental Capacity Act training. Moreover, we have focused on developing our line managers to strengthen their leadership skills.

A Strong and Committed Team

We take pride in our dedicated and passionate team members. By encouraging staff to take on lead roles in various healthcare areas, we foster a sense of ownership and mutual support within the team. Leads are supported to access further training and education to develop their expertise in their areas of interest. This has led to improved standard setting, audit and care delivery.

Proactive Safeguarding: Interactive Refresher Sessions

Our residents' safety is non-negotiable. To ensure that safeguarding practices remain up-to-date and effective, we have introduced interactive safeguarding refresher sessions, overseen by our registered manager. These sessions help identify areas that may require improvement while promoting a culture of good practice.

Preparing for Excellence: Mock CQC Inspections

To maintain our commitment to excellence, we have partnered with Inspired for Health to conduct Mock CQC Inspections. These simulations help us proactively identify areas for improvement and ensure that we are well-prepared for official inspections.

Looking Towards the Future

As an organization, we recognize that the journey of improvement is never-ending. Our board of trustees, in collaboration with the leadership team and other stakeholders, is continually reviewing our strategies and exploring innovative ways to provide an even better experience for our residents.

At Turner, our passion for enriching the lives of our residents drives us to continuously strive for excellence. Through employee engagement, transparent communication, ongoing education and proactive safety measures, we are committed to delivering the highest standard of care. We are proud of the positive changes we have made so far and look forward to an even brighter future, ensuring that the well-being and happiness of our residents remain at the heart of everything we do.

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