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We’re Turner and we provide specialist, complex nursing and residential care for men with mental health, challenges, memory loss and acquired brain injuries. This support is delivered from our unique 59-person home in South Liverpool.

As a Registered Charity we have delivered support to men with complex needs and behaviours for over two centuries, continually developing our understanding of need and our unique offer of person-centred support. 


We support those who, through illness or injury, have altered perceptions of the world, helping them to respond differently to their thoughts and feelings, to stay safe, be happy and to have hope.

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Our Core Purpose

We see the best in everyone: we help them to find happiness and safety in their lives.

Our Vision

We live in a world where men experiencing significant changes in their thoughts, feelings or behaviours feel safe and supported to find ways to manage, to work through their challenges and to keep on living their life without fear or isolation.

Our Values



We feel proud to be part of Turner

 We keep an open mind, recognising other’s needs and never judging them.  

 We believe in fairness and make sure everyone is included.  

We keep our eyes open, remaining observant to what’s happening around us.  

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We are fluid and adaptable, always ready to help.

We go out of our way to make things happen. 

We work hard and effectively juggle our responsibilities. 

We always want things to improve and do an even better job. 



We love to have fun and enjoy a good sense of humour.

We like to put smiles on people’s faces.  

We find the positives and quickly bounce back from the occasional bad days.

We recognise each other’s strengths and hidden talents.



We do thoughtful things that show we care. 

We are generous and go above and beyond.  

We help people to feel safe and secure.

We take time to get to know people and listen to them.  

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